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FORS Silver accredited since 2023, you can trust us to deliver safely

We are proud of our FORS Silver accreditation, which confirms that we employ good practices and comply with all the requirements laid out by the FORS Standard

FORS Silver is awarded to operators who maintain their Bronze accreditation and are able to demonstrate that they monitor the emissions of their fleet. Operators also have additional safety equipment fitted, and all drivers hold a Safe Urban Driving (SUD) certificate

So what does it all add up to? Ultimately, blind spot cameras, side scan sensors, and left-turn and reversing alarms have reduced our damages and serious injuries. Adopting a sustainable mindset, in vehicle technology, fuel monitoring, and route planning training have all combined to improve our mpg and ultimately reduce our CO2

FORS Silver: We gained FORS Silver in Feb 2023
CLOCS: Compliant with CLOCS Standard for Construction logistics
TFL’s WRRR: Compliant with Ttl’s WRRR Work Related Road Risk

  • Performance data – actively manage operational performance
  • Fuel, emissions and air quality – commit to reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions
  • Road risk – to investigate and analyse road traffic collisions, incidents and near-misses
  • Professional development – Professionally develop drivers and other staff, through progressive FORS Professional Development
  • Vehicle safety equipment – Ensure HGVs have enhanced safety equipment fitted to help protect vulnerable users
  • Noise pollution – Conduct and comply with a noise impact assessment of operating centres and noise sensitive locations
  • Internal communications – Actively promote FORS and FORS the requirements across the organisation
  • Sub contracted services – Require FORS accreditation throughout sub-contracted services delivered on behalf of FORS specifying clients

We are committed to becoming safer, more efficient and reducing our environmental impact

Hazardous logistics

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