Website Accessibility

We have strived to make this website accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of technology or ability.

Many internet users can find websites difficult to use due to the way they have been designed or coded, reducing their interactivity or legibility for a variety of reasons. We recognise that this is a very important issue, and as such have carefully designed everything you see in full accordance with W3C standards for HTML5 and CSS and WCAG (priority level 2) guidelines.

Images and scripting support

For low-end or restricted computers, this website has been built to accommodate users that have JavaScript or images disabled. The site will still be operational as it does not rely on unnecessary scripting for common functions or layout, and where there are pages which do rely on these, they will degrade gracefully and still be legible.

Style and content

Using the power of CSS and HTML5, this website separates style from content, meaning that site content is easily updatable, search engine friendly and quicker to load.

Browser support

This website has been tested on all modern, standards-compliant browsers (Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, Camino, Flock and Mozilla) and also Internet Explorer 7-9. Using standards-compliant HTML/CSS code means that any future browsers will also display correctly, and should degrade gracefully on older browsers or mobile devices, should they not be able to display the more complex functions of the site (such as CSS rendering, JavaScript and Flash video support).

Skip-to-content links

Press TAB on any new page and a skip-to link will appear. Hit Enter to jump down the page. Alternatively, press SHIFT+ALT+S to instantly skip to the page content. The accesskey is S.

For mobile devises or basic browsers, this will also be visible at the top of every page and will enable users to quickly skip to the page content.

Keyboard users

For users who rely on a keyboard for navigation, all important page links are highlighted by keyboard navigation, and page content is marked up so that headings are placed in a logical order and give ease of access to the most important sections on each page.

We are always looking to improve web access for our users. If you have any problems or suggestions for us to further improve our content, please contact us.

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